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Global Situation Report: How is the Outbreak Growing?


  • Australia has reported 108 new cases in the state of Victoria, the biggest daily increase since March.

  • Azerbaijan has reported 534 new cases, bringing the total to 19,801. The death toll rose to 241 and the number of recoveries was reported to be at almost 11,300.

  • Brazil has recorded 37,923

  • India has reported a new daily record of 22,772 cases, bringing the total to 648,315. A further 442 deaths were reported, bringing the total death toll thus far to 18,655.

  • Malaysia has reported ten new cases, bringing the total to 8,658. There are 76 active cases, with two requiring respiratory support. 15 patients have recovered, bringing the total number of recovered to 8,461. The death toll remains at 121.

  • New Zealand has reported no new cases, with the number of active cases at 18 and the total number at 1,530 cases (1,180 confirmed and 350 probable). There have been a total of 1,490 recoveries and 22 deaths.

  • Russia has reported 6,632 new cases and 168 new deaths, bringing the totals to 674,515 and 10,027 respectively.

  • Singapore has reported 185 new cases, bringing the total to 44,664.

  • South Africa has reported 9,064 new cases, the highest daily total so far, with more than 177,000 cases now confirmed in the country.

  • South Korea has reported 63 new cases, taking the total to 13,030. The death toll remained at 283.

  • Ukraine has reported 914 new cases and 15 new deaths, bringing the total numbers to 47,677 and 1,227 respectively; a total of 21,155 patients have recovered.

Sources: Wikipedia and The World Health Organization


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