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Global Situation Report: How is the Outbreak Growing?


  • The Australian state of Victoria has reported 439 new cases and 11 deaths.

  • Malaysia has reported one new case, bringing the total number to 9,002. There are 193 active cases and a total of 8,684 recoveries.

  • New Zealand has reported five new recoveries, bringing the total number of recovered to 1,523. There are 22 active cases, with the total number of cases remaining 1,567 (1,217 confirmed and 350 probable) and the death toll at 22.

  • Singapore has reported 295 new cases, bringing the total to 53,346.

  • Ukraine has reported 1,061 new cases and 26 new deaths, bringing the total numbers to 74,219 and 1,764 respectively; a total of 40,613 patients have recovered.

Sources: Wikipedia and The World Health Organization


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