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Global Situation Report: How is the Outbreak Growing?


  • Malaysia has reported 293 new imported cases, bringing the total to 12,381. 67 have recovered, bringing the total number of recovered to 10,283. There are 1,961 active cases, with 28 in intensive care and four in ventilator support.

  • New Zealand has reported five new imported cases, bringing the total to 1,854 (1,498 confirmed and 356 probable). Five new recoveries were reported, bringing the total to 1,788. There are 41 active cases.

  • Singapore has reported 12 new cases, bringing the total to 57,812.

  • Ukraine has reported 4,140 new daily cases and 44 new daily deaths, bringing the total numbers to 226,462 and 4,397 respectively; a total of 100,107 patients have recovered.

  • The United Kingdom reported 22,961 new cases. Public Health England said that this high figure was due to a backlog in case reporting created by a "technical difficulty"

Sources: Wikipedia and The World Health Organization


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