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Global Situation Report: How is the Outbreak Growing?

Highlights: March 7, 2020

  • 5 new countries/territories/areas (Colombia, Holy See, Peru, Serbia, and Togo) have reported cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours.

  • The global number of reported cases of COVID-19 has surpassed 100,000.


  • Afghanistan confirmed three additional cases, taking the total to 4.

  • Argentina confirmed its first death, also the first in South America, a 64-year-old man who had traveled to Paris.

  • Bahrain confirmed 19 new cases, taking the total number to 79.

  • Belgium confirmed 60 additional cases, bringing the total number to 169.

  • Brazil confirmed six new cases of COVID-19, raising the total number to 19.

  • Canada confirmed six additional cases, taking the total to 57.

  • China confirmed 99 new cases, bringing the total number to 80,651. Deaths increased by 28 to a total of 3,070.

  • Egypt confirmed 33 new cases on a Nile cruise ship.

  • France's total rose to 949 cases and 16 deaths.

  • Germany confirmed 45 new cases, taking it to a total of 684. Another 116 cases were later confirmed, bringing the total number to 800.

  • Iran confirmed 1,076 new cases and 21 additional deaths, taking it to a total of 5,823 infected and 145 dead. They also confirmed 16,000 cases were hospitalized as suspect cases and 1,669 cases had recovered. Another MP, Fatemeh Rahbar, died. She had recently been elected to the parliament.

  • Iraq confirmed 8 new cases taking the total to 46.

  • Italy confirmed 1,247 new cases and 36 new deaths.

  • The Maldives confirmed its first cases, two overseas hotel employees.

  • Malaysia confirmed 10 more new cases, bringing the total number to 93.

  • Malta reported its first three cases, an Italian family who were residents in Malta. They had gone on holiday to northern Italy and had been in self-quarantine before being tested for the coronavirus. They were now in isolation at Mater Dei Hospital.

  • Moldova confirmed its first case, a person taken to hospital after arriving on a flight from Italy.

  • New Zealand confirmed its fifth case of the coronavirus: a woman who was the partner of the third COVID-19 case confirmed in New Zealand.

  • Palestine confirms 22 cases.

  • Paraguay confirmed its first case.

  • Peru confirmed five more cases, bringing the total to six.

  • Poland confirmed an additional case, bringing the total to 6.

  • Singapore confirmed eight more cases, bringing the total number to 138.

  • South Korea confirmed 174 more cases and one more death, bringing the total number to 6,767 and 44 respectively. Another 274 new cases and 4 new deaths were later confirmed, taking the total to 7,041 and 48 respectively.

  • Spain confirmed 70 new cases and 2 deaths. The total number of cases was now 516 cases.

  • Thailand confirmed two new cases, bringing the total to 50.

  • The United Arab Emirates confirmed 15 additional cases, taking its total to 45.

  • In the United Kingdom, 42 additional cases and one additional death were confirmed, taking the total to 206 cases and 2 deaths. 3 additional cases were confirmed in Northern Ireland later in the day, taking the total to 209 cases.

  • In the United States, the number of deaths rose to 19 with 16 in Washington, 1 in California, and 2 in Florida. The total for the country increased to 444 confirmed cases. WHO has different data: 65 new confirmed cases, totaling 213. And 1 new death, 11 in total

  • Vietnam confirmed three new cases, bringing the total number to 20.

Source: Wikipedia and The World Health Organization


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