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Weekly Coronavirus Report: What Happened Today

Around the World Today:

  • Canada announced 2 presumptive cases in British Columbia.

  • China, In Zhejiang over 1,000 cases were confirmed, the first such province besides Hubei. Doctor Li Wenliang, who notified his class colleagues in a private chat room on social media of the coronavirus, died of the infection.

  • Germany confirmed its thirteenth case, and Italy confirmed its third, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in Europe to 31.

  • Hong Kong confirmed three more cases, bringing the total to 24.

  • Japan confirmed another 10 new cases from Diamond Princess, quarantined in Yokohama, bringing the total to 45.

  • Malaysia confirmed two more cases, bringing the total to 14. One of the cases was locally transmitted, the first in Malaysia.

  • Singapore confirmed two more cases, bringing the total to 30.

  • South Korea confirmed four more cases, bringing the total to 23.

  • Taiwan announced three more cases, bringing the total to 16.

  • The United Kingdom saw the third case confirmed, with the patient having visited Singapore.

  • A patient in San Jose, California became the first COVID-19 death in the United States discovered by April 2020. She died at home without any known recent foreign travel, after being unusually sick from flu in late January, then recovering, working from home, and suddenly dying on February 6. A February 7 autopsy was completed in April (after virus tests on tissue samples) and attributed the death to Transmural Myocardial Ischemia (Infarction) with a Minor Component of Myocarditis due to COVID-19 Infection. Her case indicates that community transmission was happening undetected in the US, most likely since December.

  • Vietnam confirmed two more cases, bringing the total to 12.

Sources: The COVID Tracking Project and The World Health Organization


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